The Linen Memorial

Code of Conduct for Public Commemorative activities

Northern Ireland's 2014 Code of Conduct for Public Commemorative activities, is set out in an Healing through Remembering publication.

The Linen Memorial adheres to the guiding principles and values outlined here:

The Linen Memorial also adheres to the 2014 Day of Reflection Code of Conduct available here:

Lycia Trouton, artist-coordinator welcomes feedback on your experience when visiting the site or the real-time installation or display.

Please note that an installation is "immersive" (usually an art gallery) and a display is a hanging of the linen panels where the architectonics of the space cannot be engaged. This may be due to lack of manpower, time or money to "install" more holistically and ideally.

Trouton thanks the community and inter-community spaces which have been requesting the memorial, since 2014, provision of which is free of charge.